Join us

We welcome you to join us! Sotetsu JOINUS (It’s a Japanese oyaji gag you are supposed to laugh at haha)

Your talent and energy make us run! Especially, we are looking for:
  • Dancers
  • Accompanists (vocal, shamisen, and taiko)
  • Flag-bearers (who do not stand still, but wave big-catch flag – very important stage effect)
  • Headquarter PR staff (fundraising, banner/brochure/handout publishing, photo/video shooting, blog updating and SNS marketing, language translation and more.)
You don't have to be directly related to Ushibuka. Maybe your loved one is from Amakusa, maybe your parents are from Kumamoto, maybe your ancestors are from Kyushu, or if you are homo sapiens, no matter what your background is, you are more than welcome to join us.

It's a great club, and you won't want to leave once you join because:
  • You can perform at Tokyo dome (Tokyo dome is a baseball stadium, but it is also utilized for big events and concerts, where only few selected celebrities can host ones in their lives. It’s everyone’s dream to perform at Tokyo dome one day.)
  • You can perform at other extraordinary locations such as at NHK, TOKYO BIG SIGHT, Yokohama Landmark Tower, etc.
  • You can perform together with Kumamon. You may not believe, but he is super famous, and has huge groups of fans following him wherever he appears. Being a member of Ushibuka Haiya, you can take photos with him when we perform in the same event, which makes such enthusiastic followers very jealous.
  • You can treat it like a gym. Ushibuka Haiya is up-tempo. Practicing Ushibuka Haiya is hardcore, and you will sweat like a mother father. It must be equivalent to walking like 10,000 steps and more!
  • You will never get bored. When you are lonely and sad, and when you need someone to talk to, come to Ushibuka Haiya.
Normally, we practice twice a month at Tsukiji/Higashi-Ginza public hall, on Sat/Sun from 13:00 to 17:00. We practice more often when big events are coming up. Practice may be held in the morning.

It’s not mandatory to attend every single practice nor every single event. We believe there must be some sort of fate tied us together, of course we hope you could stay with us forever. However, if you want to take a break or even quit, go for it. After all, it’s your life.

We charge enrollment fee of 2,000 JPY, and membership fee of 500 JPY monthly.

As you might have seen in our youtube videos, our club embraces a variety of age groups, the youngest is an elementary school girl, a few in their 20s and 30s, some 40s, and more 50s and above. In general, we get along very well.

We do have conflicts from time to time, it’s just inevitable as we all are different from each other in many ways - ages, occupations and environments where we grew up in. At the end of the day, it’s all ok. Different opinions are converted to strength through communications, making us a better team and keep improving. That's all because we share the same love - Ushibuka Haiya.

Please contact us through your favorite means. We have youtube, facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Yes, you can of course email us. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Tokyo Ushibuka Haiya Club