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We are aiming for 1000 subscribers to our channel. As of 05/02/2018, there are 58 subscribers. Long way to go, but we want to give it a shot. We really do appreciate your help. If there is anything we can do in return, ie be a supporter of whatever equivalent, we would love to.

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In hometown we grew up, there is a folk dance since Edo period. The dance isn’t as popular as Awaodori, but is considered as the root of Awaodori. There are books and wikis, which talk about it.

We, who are from the hometown living in Tokyo, have formed a group which preserves the folk dance. Having an ancient and honorable origin, we’ve invited to NHK or Tokyo dome hosted charity events for the Kumamoto earthquake. If you know who Kumamon is, we have given performances with him, quite a few times, indeed. Yes, we are legit; being established 6 years ago, we have performed 100 times and more in various events.

It can be said to almost all rural towns, but our hometown is diminishing, as a result, the dance is dying.

After giving performances 100 times, we have realized that just keep dancing is not a good enough advertisement. We want more people to know about the dance, moreover, we want people to join us dancing.

We have also realized that preserving culture isn’t cheap; costume, studio to practice, transportation, etc.

To fulfill the two objectives, we wonder if utilizing youtube could be one way to be known, which could possibly be a fund raiser. Hence our goal is to have 1000 subscribers to our channel, and would you mind helping us please! If you could spread this effort in your favorite means, that would be highly highly appreciate.

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